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Wisdom Lion Ekeleme


Meet our CEO

Wisdom Lion Ekeleme is the founder and CEO of Lion Dynasty FX (LDFX), a forex educational and forex signal providing company. Prior to LDFX, Wisdom was The President of the Human Resource department In the Michael Okpara university, a higher institution in west Africa. Wisdom Lion was an I.T consultant and the Public Relation Officer of Mouaec, an entrepreneurial organisation whose aim was to provide guidance to young entrepreneurs and also to encourage students in general to acquire a skill or two in order to help give them a fighting chance in the Labour market, he made a significant impact by executing lots of projects, one outstanding project he embarked upon and achieved with the help of the management and a few other executives was the creating of a hybrid Website for the body which made it easier for Students to Register for vast skill acquisition and other youth empowerment programs. As a political savvy Leader Wisdom held a lot of Leadership positions during his days as an Undergraduate most of which he was at the helm of affairs, one of the notable position was the Position of the Secretary General of the Electoral body of the University where he worked with the then Dean of Students and other management and executive members to achieve a peaceful and productive election.
Prior to founding LDFX, Wisdom Lion worked as an I.T consultant and a field agent for a number of network providing firms such as MTN and Airtel through Simidebis, a multinational company with vast experience in providing end-to-end IT/Telecoms solutions.

Wisdom Lion was the Managing Director of Lion Dynasty Int’l where he oversaw multiple business units He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Human Resource Management and He is currently pursuing his Masters In International Relations.
Wisdom Lion is always thinking of ways to enrich the lives of those around him hence Lion Dynasty FX, he never wants to settle for less, He is extremely motivated and he puts in his best in anything and everything he does.

Nationality: Nigerian

Year of Birth: 1992

Education: Graduate in Human Resource Management

Family Status: Married, one Child.

Leisure Time: Swimming, Catching a great movie, Going for a long Drive to nowhere, spending time with family.

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